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Russian train Red Arrow

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Red Arrow is the very first from comfortable trains (that is why its number is 001/002) and the most famous overnight train between Moscow and St.Petersburg among all trains on Russian Railways. The first train trip on the Red Arrow was made on 10th of June in 1931. An everyday train trips of Red Arrow were interrupted only during the The Siege of Leningrad in 1941 - 1944. Since 1944 the train is the measure of punctuality, comfort and stability.
The Red Arrow train was the first Russian train with the carriages of first class (vagon SV) with compartments for 2 persons. Starting from 1965 the departure of Red Arrow from St.Petersburg (Mokovsky railway station) is accompanied by "The Hymn to the Great City", dedicated to St.Petersburg (composed by Reinhold Gliere).
Nowadays the train consists of 19 carriages: 11 carriages of 1st class (9 compartments for 2 persons in each), 6 carriages of 2nd class (9 compartments for 4 persons in each), 1 VIP carriage (8 places, WC and shower in each compartment) and a carriage - restaurant.

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