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Авиа и ж/д билеты юрлицам, обработка сложных маршрутов по всему миру. VIP-залы. С частными лицами не работаем.


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Russian train - hotel Grand Express

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Grand Express is the most luxury overnight train operating between Moscow and St. Petersburg. This comfortable train consists of VIP cars: Grand Imperial, Grand De Luxe, Grand, Grand Single; Premium and Premium Single; 1st (2-berth) class Business and Standard cars, Economy and 2nd class cars, Staff car and a Restaurant car.
Its a train and a hotel at the same time. All kind of cars have other services like: TV, DVD, shower cubicle, WC, air-conditioning, night light for reading, wardrobe, socket 220V, Wi-Fi Internet access, transforming sofa, upper berth. It is a 2-person compartment. The compartment is 2 ordinary compartment size. The compartment is sold as whole. Services included in the price: dinner, hot breakfast, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, lunch-box, 2 bed linen, towels, 2 bathrobes, slippers (2 pairs), passenger hygienic set and a set of cosmetics.

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